Independence Day Speech In English 2019 | 15th August Speech In English For Principle, Teachers, Students

Independence Day Speech In English 2019 | 15th August Speech In English For Principle, Teachers , Students  - First of all Wish you all a very Happy Independence day. Just Do something By yourself for your Nation Before Expecting Nation to do something for You.

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15th August Speech 2019 In English For Teachers, Principal & Students

I Extend My Warm Greeting Independence of India, As we Celebrate with Joy & Fervor. We also need to Pay tribute to those who fought tirelessly to achieve the freedom and those who shaped its destiny with vision and wisdom. It is Important to reflect on who shaped The Indian dream and How India has stood as beaten the world with its glorious culture and tradition. The Scientist and scholar from across the world have appreciated the Indian ethos and knowledge tradition. Einstein acknowledge with gratitude. we owe a lot to the Indians who taught us How to count without which no worth while scientific discovery could have been made. The Germans Scholar Max Muller also paid one of the greatest Tribute to the Indians reflective tradition and the Indian Minds when he said " If I were asked Under what sky the Human Minds has most fully developed some of its choices gift has most deeply pondered on the greatest problem of life and found solution I should point to India. It Does Well to Remember Such Salutation To India and Its Evolved Culture It Adds to a pride a pride and a self esteem to continually u remember the Idealism and Values that governed the great nation like ours is perhaps also a necessary as Indian discover herself again we need to also come together to developed a nation of harmony, peace and development.

Our beloved former president APJ Abul Kalam Azad had pointedly directed us to pondered on how to shape envalated mind and I Court Him.

If  A Country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful mind, I strongly feel There are Three societal members who can make a difference they are the father, mother and teacher.

In His Simple Style he reminds us of our responsibility towards our children they are inheritance that we all can leave them with

A University is much more Institute of learning, It is a temple that educate the younger Generation, Molds its  character, Create a new Intellectual leader build integrated self that is why It is an Institution of higher learning

On this Independence day, We must remind us the Sacrifice, dedication and the nationalistic forward of our freedom fighter to all leaders who had given a direction to our nation. The leader who had actually mold it the advancement and that progress that we seen today in our country.

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