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(हिन्दी में) Independence Day Speech In Hindi 2019 - Part 1


Good Morning, Respected Teachers, Principal and all my Dear Friends,

After the slavery of the British for years, our country was liberated on August 15, 1947. Over the years, we Indians have endured atrocities and atrocities of the British. After that, the people of India decided to liberate themselves from this tyranny. All got together and gathered the courage to free themselves and their country from the slavery of the British.

To get the freedom of our country from the British rule, Our freedom fighter made a bet on life, consumed bullets, and in lastly we succeeded in achieving independence.

15 August is the most Important date of our country because on this day we get free from the British rule, so it is called a Independence day.

Our freedom fighter put their lives to the stake but there are some name who's contribution was so important that they can't be forget and will be remembered ever in India. some of these names are Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Maulana Azad, Sardar Vallabh bhai patel, etc.

Today, We are celebrating 73rd Of Independence, so i urge all of you celebrate this day with great enthusiasm and happiness & on this great day, national flag is hoisted on all the school, government office and all the people of India sung national anthem and pay tribute to all the legendary people and the Martyr. who just sacrifices their lives for the sake of our Independence. to express the celebration of this day, laddus and sweet are celebrated.

Our Prime Minister host the national flag on the Red Fort, Delhi, India. and this day is celebrated with great fanfare and splendor at the red fort.

In the last, I just want to wish everyone a very happy Independence day.

Jai Hind

15th August Speech In Hindi 2019 - Part 2


Good morning greetings to all the people, respected teacher and all my dear classmates. 

We are here to celebrate the 73rd Independence Day and I am very happy that i got a chance to speak some few words on this special occasion and also very grateful to my class teacher that who give me this opportunity to keep my thoughts on the freedom of my country. On this special occasion of Independence Day, I would like to give a speech on the struggle of Indians and how hard it was to get a freedom from the British rule.

Many Years Ago, The great leaders of India take a pledge "Fom Bhagyavadhu" that they make India  a free and democratic country and will kick off the Britishers from India and today we all came here to celebrate Independence day with no fear and with happy faces, only because of those freedom fighter and even we can't think that how difficult it was for our freedom fighter to get this country free for us and now we can't give nothing to our leaders in exchange for their precious hard work and sacrifices. 

We can only remember them and can salute them while celebrating this Independence day but our all the freedom fighter will always be in our heart.

In the last, I Just want to convey one message that it was so hard and difficult to get a freedom for from the British rule. So, Please respect each and every freedom fighter who just fought for us and fought for our freedom.

Thank You

Jai Hind

15th August Speech Speech In Hindi 2019 - Part 3


Good morning,
Honorable Chief Guest, Respected Teachers & All My Dear Friends.

I warmly greet you all with the Independence day. As we all know the reason for gathering here and are exciting too to celebrate this day in a wonderful way. We all are gathered here to celebrate 73rd Independence day of our nation.

First of all we hoist our national flag and then thereafter salute to our all the freedom fighter.

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