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Independence Day Speech For Teachers  - Here you will get the best speeches On Independence day for teachers. If you are teacher of any school and want to inspire the students and want to covey the social messages then here are the best speeches for you. Just go through the all speeches and choose the best ones.

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15th August Independence day speech for teachers Speech 1


On 15th August, Our Freedom Fighter Complete their promise to all the Indians for the free country. this is the day when we show our unity power to the rest of the country that we are Indian and we can fight for our freedom to any one and can win too. 

On this auspicious occasion, we need to celebrate in epic and need to salute to our all the freedom fighter who sacrifice their lives for us.

And on this auspicious occasion, I just want to convey a message that love your country and make your country proud.

And specially for the children that India need you, our country depend upon the youth of India. So, Just do something big that I and this country be proud of you

Thank You

Jai Hind

15th August Independence day speech for teachers Speech 2

Good Morning Everyone

Today I am here to tell to the students that this is the historic day. On this day we get the freedom and we get the fresh air of this nation. Our Indian heroes sacrifice their lives for us and for you all. so that you get also the equal opportunity. So I urge to everyone that please don't let this precious freedom in a wrong direction. Just do something for us, parents and for this country

Just Give your best in the examination and become something like a great personality!

And For those children, who just not came here to celebrate this big and enjoying like a holiday, just convey my message to those student that you are disrespecting this day and this nation.

And Next time, I just want to see everyone present on this day

Thank You

Jai Hind

15th August Independence day speech for teachers Speech 3

Every Year on 15th August, we remember the history of this nation and the sacrifices of our heroes and think in deep heart that how tuff it was to get the freedom and how much sacrifices has been made by our freedom fighter.

I Just want to tell to all the students that we have many advantages In India. that every child who take birth in this country enjoy the fresh air of Independence but our ancestor survive the suffering of the pain slaves during British rule. 

In the last, I just want to say that, it is our duty to celebrate this day in epic and salute to our all the freedom fighter who fought for us.

And, for this freedom just get continuous, we need to educate each and every person of this country, so that they came to know about their right.

Now a days, there is a corruption in every department and to get free from this corrupt people, we need to educate each and every child.

Our Ancestor had done a lot to us. now it is our duty to take care of this nation.

Thank You

Jai Hind

15th August Independence day speech for teachers Speech 4

15 August is the day of India is a common day for other nation, but this is the most valuable day for India nation in history of India. on 15 August 1947 world saw a new country "India" as an Independent country.

One day i was thinking of the bomb blast which happened to my country. who was responsible of this bloodshed in the country? who was responsible for the daily target killing? who is responsible for all this? These question were killing me from inside. I could no longer bear the pain. I started crying, crying for my dear land, Land Of India!

I remembered that on the  this previous Independence day, I was one of the city in India and i will not tell you the name of that city only want to say that was going somewhere with my family and looking out of the window of our car I began searching for India flag but to no avail. I couldn't find even a single flag of India. All the poles had flag on them but none of them was our national flag. They were all the flags of different parties of the country. My heart cried!

Do you know, how this country came into being after a million of sacrifice! I don't know what has gone wrong with us. why have we forgotten our true identity? why do we try to live a life like that of the foreigner, people of the west? I just can't understand!

Today, people in India are proud to call themselves Punjabis, bengali, gujarati, marathi etc but when it came to being a Indian, we feel ashamed. Yes, I have found many people who feel ashamed of calling themselves Indian.

Why don't we people realize that we are all part of a family, a family of India? we are all sisters and brother and we need to support each other in every aspect of life instead of fighting with our own brothers. why is this so?

This country is like a bunch of different flower that have different color and smell. But they are tight together to give a more pleasant smell and a combination of colors. Yes this country is like a lovely bunch of flowers. It has a different civilization, different languages and different cultures but we all are Indians. 

We all together make a country that is India. 

Today, we call ourselves "Independent". Are we really independent or are we just fooling ourselves? All the things we do are according to the west, so why do we call ourselves Indian? I Just don't know!

Well, Whatever may happen, Where ever i may go, I Just want to say that "I am proud to be an Indian"! I will try my best to save my country from all evils and will always be ready to give my life for it. My India!

Being an Indian we must celebrate 15th August by any means.

Happy Independence day to the whole nation!

15th August Independence day speech for teachers Speech 5

First of all, I Just want to congratulate everyone of you on this Independence day, On this day, we get the freedom from the British rule.

Today is the day of remembrance, we need to remember our all the ancestor who just lost their lives for the sake of our Independence.

First of all i just want to give answer to my every student that why this day is so important.

On this day, it was official that India got the freedom from the British rule and from now on, there will be every citizen of India will be free and have the every right.

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